Identifying IP via Email


Disclaimer: This material is provided for educational purposes only. In this article, we are going to find out how to identify an IP address of any email receiver which can be used in penetrating testing or simply checking whenever the person has opened your email.

What we want to do here, is create an empty image and set its source as the IP logger link. This looks familiar to some of the common XSS payloads. As some person opens the email, his browser is going to start loading the 'image' but will ultimately fail because the request is made to an IP loggers link (which in our case does not contain jpg or png files). It is also possible to embed an entire image with an IP logger which is done by a similar strategy.

At the beginning of the page, you can find a pastebin link that provides you with the payload we are going to use. You need to replace http://URL/ with your IP logger's URL and save it for later.

Now, head over to your preferred email service and start writing a new message. By default, most of the email services do not support HTML formatting, so we need to improvise here. Type in some text in the message field and click "Inspect Element" on it. Now click "Edit as HTML" and replace the code with the payload you made earlier. You should see Hi! replaced with your message. You could easily replace that in your payload code, but modifying the text itself may fail the process. Now hit 'send' and wait for the IP to show up in your dashboard.

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